Hello Friends welcome to tech world online today i am going to tell you about a 100% working and genuine method to get free Royal pass in pubg so read this article carefully and try to implement it


NOTE [ you must have Paytm account] 

Step 1 -  click And download the App in your phone then install


Step 2 - open the app and register with a mobile number or Gmail account 

Step 3 - click on the rupee icon which is on the upper left corner of the screen 

Step 4 - then your work start there will be a option to refer your friend and get 300 ₹

Step 5 - refer your friend or family with your invite link and tell them to download the helo app and register with mobile number when they register you will get 5 to 10 ₹ in your helo account you can redeem 5 ₹as well in your paytm account 

Step - 6 the friend who downloaded the helo app from your link, tell that friend to use the helo app 7 daily for 5 minutes and daily you will get 10 ₹ and 14th day you will get 300₹ from one Friend 

Step - 7 you can share the refer link to your families phone like brothers, sisters any of the family or friends download the helo from your link in there phone and tell them to use helo Dailly for 7 days 

Step 8- when you will refer 3 friend you will earn 900₹ from helo now redeem the money in your paytm wallet 
[you can redeem minimum 1₹ from helo maximum unlimited] 

Step 9 - finally go to midas buy or coda shop and purchase uc for free this is 100%WORKING TRICK 


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How to Get Free 7000 UC in PUBG Mobile Account:
Download the WeGame Application from play store or Wait For the Download Button

Signup with Facebook
Then you will receive a welcome message asking your Nickname and Game Id (see image below)
Open your game and write down nickname and game id
And come back to the app chat and reply your nickname comma your game id and send it
Official Facebook

Done!! Congrats you have successfully participated in this lucky draw to Get Free 7000 UC in PUBG Mobile. Now they will choose 101 random users and send them the UC prize directly to their PUBG mobile account. They will make the same announcement regarding the winners and their UC prize.

It is said that lucky 100 winners will be rewarded with 60 UC each and one lucky guy will get 1000 UC. And that does not stop here. You can also earn more free UC by giving feedback on the app and they will reward you with 3000 UC just for your feedback.






  1. 50₹ BONUS 









NOTE - GET UC BUTTON πŸŽ‡πŸ†“πŸ†“πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰

                     GET UC

Title: The type of insurance everyone needs to know about.
In case you are always worried about different aspects in life, and there are always thoughts that you should get an insurance for yourself. But, there is no doubt it is a difficult decision especially when you are not aware of the different insurance policies and types. Whenever you are going for an insurance policy you should first get a proper research done in this regard. Let us explain few types of insurance in this piece of writing that it is easy for you to choose and take a decision. The types of insurance are as follows:

The Life Insurance:

One of the most important and common insurance, this type of insurance is different from other types of insurance because the subject matter is the life of a human. There is no doubt that our life is always under threat, and we are never certain about when are we going to die. In this type of insurance the insurer will be paying a specific amount of insurance at the time of death or in other case when an expiry of a certain period takes place. Life is the most important, no other property matters in front of life. Most of the people go for life insurance, because they want to secure the interest of their loved ones that they will be leaving behind. One can never protect their life but by getting life insurance, they can protect their family for sure.
It is not only an insurance policy but an investment because it will come back to the family upon death of the person who is going for the insurance or at the expiry of a period.

The General Insurance:
In the general insurance, one can include the property insurance, any other form of insurance along with liability insurance. Whereas the Fire and Marine insurance are the ones that fall in the category of Property insurance. There are other types of insurance that you can get such as Motor, Theft and Machine insurances are dealt under the umbrella of liability insurance to an extent. If we talk about the strictest form of liability insurance then it is the fidelity insurance, in case of liability insurance, the insurer pays on the behalf of the insured, the insured is compensated whenever there is a liability on him such as payment to a third party.

The Property Insurance:
As the name suggests that the property insurance is related to the property and belongings of a person. Actually, the term “property” here is an umbrella term which also includes the types of property, depending upon the insurance policy that you choose. When you get a property insurance, the insurer provides you insurance against a specific risk. Some of the risks are fire and marine perils, the activities of theft on a property or goods that can cause damage to a property are to be compensated within.

The Fire Insurance:

This is one of the risks that can happen at any time, the fire insurance basically covers all the damage and risks that can caused by a fire. This is one of the type of the insurance in which there is a risk to society as well not just to an individual. When you get the fire insurance, the loss can be compensated. It depends on the company and policy that you have chosen because you should get the one which covers the consequential loss as well.
Please check the captcha box to proceed to the destination page.

The Liability Insurance:

As we have mentioned above that the liability insurance is the general insurance, where you have this guarantee that the insurer will be paying the damages or compensation on your behalf to a third party, in case you have cause any damage to a property, loss, injury or death. There are some other types of insurance that fall under this category and that are fidelity insurance, machine insurance and automobile insurance.
The Social Insurance:
This is one of the insurance policies that are especially designed for providing protection to the weaker sections of the society, the ones who are not able to pay the premium amounts for the adequate insurance policies, pension plans, any other benefits such as the disability, unemployment benefits.

Guarantee Insurance:

This type of insurance policy covers the loss that takes place due to dishonesty, disloyalty and disappearance of the second party or of the employees. The party who is involved in this type of insurance must be the party to a contract. The failure of a party can cause loss to the first party. This type of insurance can be explained with the help of an illustration. Let’s take an example of export insurance, in case of such insurance the insurer will be compensating you the loss at the failure of importers for instance they failed to pay the amoun7

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Get Free 600 UC In Pubg Mobile :

Pubg mobile Free uc for royale pass pubg free uc
Pubg mobile Free uc for royale pass pubg free uc 

Now follow These Steps And Get Free UC cash

Step 1 :- Use Bellow Redeem Codes

Step2 :- Copy That Codes and Paste Into Your PUBG MOBILE Redeemtion Center

Step 3 :- That’s it Your UC will Be credited with in 24 to 48 Hours .

Step :- Check Your UC Balance After 24 Hours.

Step 5 :- That’s It.

Your id :

UC AMOUNT MAX 600: (required)

Why you need uc massage : (required)


email -


Baaghi 3 Full Movie Download HD 1080p | Baaghi 3 Full Movie download online by tamilrockers

Baaghi 3 Full Movie Download HD 1080p | Baaghi 3 Full Movie download online by tamilrockers

Baaghi 3 Full Movie Download HD 1080p | Baaghi 3 Full Movie download online by tamilrockers
Baaghi 3 Full Movie Download HD 1080p | Baaghi 3 Full Movie download online by tamilrockers

Despite so many Warnings and Madras court orders, Tamil Rockers have not stopped creating this website but once Madras court order has arrested their administrator but still this website with a domain coming back again It starts.

As far as downloading of movies from Tamil Rockers is concerned, it is completely illegal under Indian law. Tamil Rockers is a pirated website that illegally uploads new upcoming movies to its website.

Tamilrockers baghi 3 download do not have any rights to these movies and they have no right to upload any film on their website but despite the closure of the side so many times it is not deterring us from its antics. It is advised not to download the movie using the TamilRocker website, because both uploading and downloading movies on this website is illegal.

Baaghi 3 movie is an upcoming Indian action thriller directed by Ahmed Khan. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and distributed by Fox Star Studios, it is a spiritual sequel to Baaghi (2016) and Baaghi 2 (2018). Baaghi 3 stars Tiger Shroff, Ritesh Deshmukh and Shraddha Kapoor. It is a new official version of the 2012 film Tamil Vettai. Shraddha Kapoor played the role of a flight attendant in the film.

Baaghi 3 Cast and Crew

  1. Directed byAhmed Khan
  2. Written bySajid Nadiadwala
  3. Anand Shankar
  4. StaringTiger Shroff
  5. Shraddha Kapoor
  6. Riteish Deshmukh
  7. ProducersSajid Nadiadwala
  8. Production CompanyGrandson Entertainment
  9. Casting byMukesh Chhabra
  10. Music bySandeep Shirodkar
  11. Cinematography bySanthana Krishnan Ravichandran
  12. Film Edited byNot Known


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Types of Insurance | best insurance policy for you

Types of Insurance | best insurance policy for you

We are all familiar with the term insurance. Today, different types of insurance policies have come into the market. Some of it you will be familiar with and some you will not know about. Here we are telling you about some popular insurance policies available in the market.
Types of Insurance | best insurance policy for you 

We are all familiar with the term insurance. Today, different types of insurance policies have come into the market. Some of it you will be familiar with and some you will not know about. Here we are telling you about some popular insurance policies available in the market.

Travel insurance

In recent times, travel insurance or travel insurance policy is becoming increasingly popular. Many people go abroad, so they are motivated to buy travel insurance policy. Travel insurance is also available for small or big travel in the country. In this, you get a cover of 10 lakh rupees for a modest amount of 1 rupees when traveling by train. Baggage and travel insurance is available when traveling by airplane. It is optional. You can make a choice in this. Travel insurance provides the facility of natural disaster, baggage theft or loss of baggage, any medical need during travel.

Auto insurance

It is mandatory for all people who use a two-wheeler or a car to get their vehicle insured. A vehicle cannot be driven without vehicle insurance. Auto insurance includes not only the vehicle but also third party insurance. It also compensates for the loss of a third person in the accident.

health insurance

Health insurance is very important in today's era. It is very useful for you in an emergency. Medical treatment is becoming more expensive today, in such a situation, getting health insurance is a sensible task. However, you have to keep in mind that the benefit of insurance policy is available only in those hospitals which are associated with the policy. There are health insurance plans in the market that provide insurance cover to all your family members. You get health care for your entire family. Some banks offer a discount of 5% on the premium for the next year.

Home insurance

For a normal middle class person, the house is like a dream. He builds a house by accumulating the entire capital of his life. In such a situation, if the house is damaged in any disaster or accident, then the hard work of his whole life is wasted. Therefore, home insurance is very important. Especially in areas where the chances of natural disasters like earthquake and flood are very high. Home insurance policy covers all natural and man-made disasters such as fire, earthquake, astounding lightning, flood, riot, strike, malicious damage, theft, terrorism etc. For the items inside the house, the prices of all your items inside the house such as furniture, clothes, kitchenware, jewelry etc. are fixed at the market price. Usually your home is insured and not the items inside it.

Life insurance

This insurance policy is the most popular in India. There will be very few people who do not have a life insurance policy. Life insurance is a protection against the financial loss caused by the death or accident of a policy holder. The insurance company promises to pay a fixed sum at the end of a certain period or upon the death of the person holding the policy. A person who wants the protection of life insurance has to pay the premium to the insurance provider at monthly, quarterly or annual level.

Make Money Online Without Investment in 2019

Make Money Online Without Investment in 2019

Make Money Online Without Investment in 2019
Make Money Online Without Investment in 2019

 . In today's world everyone has a Smartphone and everyone is using the internet. But do you know that we can also earn money through internet. If you read this
post carefully, you can make money easily by making Money Money Online. There are many ways to earn money online. Some actually give money and some don't. Here, we will learn some of the ways in which we can earn money from internet, if we go online from

 Top 7 Ways in Online Make Money Without Investment in 2019

Make Money Online Without Investment in Hindi (Top 6 Ways)
There are a lot of ways to make money from online sitting internet. But here you have introduced the information to income without spending money. Whatever the way you like it You can earn money in that way. But here information about Money Earning of Investment is given. Which is told by filtering the best.

1.Online Survey

Online Servery Online Make Money Without Investment
Online Survey is a way in which we can earn money by watching advertisements or by Survey Complete. Online survey means that you will be asked some questions on it, you will have to answer it, your answers should be perfectly reasonable and good. There are some companies that want to take some feedback from people, so they give you money as an online survey, you just have to give your right feedback to them. If you search about it on Google, you will get to see a lot of websites but we cannot trust them because it can also be a fraud but I will tell you an APP that Google has created itself and as we know it. That we can easily trust all of Google's products.

Google Opinion Rewards - This is an Android Application made by Google and this application gives you money to participate in Online Survey. Just you have to install this app and after opening the app, you will have to complete the survey which will appear in front of you. If you meet Survey correctly, you will get money according to that survey. Only 1-2 minutes will be surveyed.

Download Opinion Rewards

Google UserResearch -: This is also Google's product. The only difference is that you have to take part in a very large survey. Which can be from 30 minutes to 1 or 2 hours. But you will get a great reward too. Meaning $ 50, $ 75, $ 100 Gift Cards This way you will get reward. All you have to do is open Google UserResearch with the following link. And to sign up and participate in the survey.

2. PTC Sites (Earn Money Online Without Investment)

paid to Click Make Money Online Without Investment in Hindi
PTC means Paid to Click. In this, you will earn money by looking at the advertisement. From here you will not be too much but you will be able to earn some limit. There is not only advertisement in such sites, but you can earn money by completing some tasks or playing games. There is a rule in PTC websites that you can use only one account in Ek Device, if you open another account, it may be that both of your accounts are blocked. Just like if you earn some money, you can Withdraw those money through Paypal or Payza. But every website has different withdrawal amount.
This is a good PTC website that you can trust completely.

Online Money Money Without Investment in 2019

3. Captcha Solver

Captcha Solver Make Money Online Without Investment in Hindi
If you use the internet a lot. Then you will know the Captcha Code which is used for verification. But do you know that you can earn money from its help too? If you can type in English then you can also make money from captcha code and one thing you need to know is that if the website you want to earn from the captcha code is available in your country or not. The code you will be asked to type is to be typed within 10-15 seconds, but some websites do not have a time limit.

4. Freelancing.

When you work in a company, then that company gives you salary every month according to your work. Freelancing means this is what you can do for the company. You have to sit at home but remember that you should have some skills in which you are very good Expert example -: Web Designing, Graphics Designing or Any Creative Work. There are a lot of people who are searching for Freelancer. I will tell some such websites where you can do the work of freelancing by creating your profile. These are such websites where a lot of people have to do a lot of work and those people are hiding their logo for those who have the skill to do that work.

  • Fiver
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

If money is to be seen. Then you will be able to earn so much money. More than you would have ever thought. You just need to work properly. It may be that it takes more time to get the first order. But once you start getting orders. Just understand that you are making a lot of money. Because I have told the websites. You are given money for every work on them.

5. YouTube (Best Make Money Online Without Investment)

Another work for Make Money Online Without Investment is Youtube. YouTube is the world's largest video platform. If there is anyone after Google, then it is YouTube. We can earn money by making our channel on YouTube. But it is not so easy. To earn money from YouTube, you must have some skill or knowledge of something. Because on Youtube you can earn money by uploading your videos. If you have good content in your videos then people will like to see and you will be able to make money according to the people who will see it.

Youtube rules

To start your own channel on YouTube, you must first sign up with your Gmail account, then you have to upload good videos on your channel. Youtube has a rule that you can not enable monetization of your channel until 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers are complete on your channel. This means that until 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers are completed on your channel, then the advertisement will not be shown in your videos and so till then you will not be able to earn anything but as soon as you complete this Youtube rule. Since then, you will start earning money.

6. Money Earning Apps

Today everybody has an Android phone, do you know we can earn money with the help of some Android apps. So let's know which apps we can earn from.

1. Loco

In this app you can earn money by playing Quiz. Every day at 1:30 you will be asked some questions. Which you have to answer correctly. The more correct answers you will give. According to that you will get money. Bollywood, Sports, General Knowledge related questions will be asked to you.

2. Earn Talktime

this app, you can earn money by inviting your friends and completing some tasks as well. And you can recharge Mobile Payment, Bill Payment, Dish from earned money.

3. MCent Browser

It's a browser app where you can earn some money by surfing the internet. The more you can surf the internet. The more you get the money as well as the Referral Program. From where you can earn money by inviting your friends

features of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ and price

features of Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ and Price 

Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ and Price

Samsung has  launched the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+, expanding its Galaxy Note series in the tech market. This is the first time Samsung has launched two Note devices. The device equipped with 5G connectivity is equipped with powerful specifications.

 The features of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are as powerful as the S Pen that comes with the Note device, ie Stylus Pen. Samsung has advanced the Galaxy Note series as much as the Advanced S Pen. Let's have a look at the top 5 features of S Pen.
In both Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ devices, the Stylus Pen can be moved back and forth only by shaking it in the air. This feature has been named Air Actions. Similarly, rotating the S Pen will also rotate the picture file or drawing opened in the phone. Photos can be zoomed in or zoomed out only with the S Pen

1. Moving the pen in the air will only change the photo

This feature of S Pen works like a remote control. Selfie and touch songs without touching the phone.

The S Pen will also be able to access the Galaxy Note models' camera via Bluetooth connectivity. By opening the camera of the phone, just clicking the button of S Pen will be able to click photos from the phone. This feature will work with both front camera and rear camera. Samsung says that the photo can be clicked by keeping the Galaxy Note 10 device at a distance of 30 feet with the S Pen. can do.

3. AR Doodle

As the name itself suggests, doodles can be manufactured in AR Doodle using Artificial Intelligence. In the video in the Galaxy Note 10, any funny doodle of S Pen use or your favorite art can be inserted. That is, S Pen will also do video editing work in a way. Through this feature, any object can be inserted or changed on any segment of the video.

4. Smart Selection

With the presentation, you can draw any sketch in Galaxy Note 10 via S Pen. The S Pen will act like a painting brush and you can create a drawing by simply running the S Pen on a Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ display without any interruption. The large screen of the Galaxy Note device makes this task even more fun. Similarly, S Pen also provides the facility of smart selection to copy and paste any content in the phone.

5. Easy Slide Presentation

Through the S Pen in Galaxy Note 10, not only can you make a presentation as per your subject, but you can also use the presentation and slide through the S Pen. The advantage of this feature of S Pen becomes even more beneficial by connecting the Galaxy Note device to a large screen or projector. The entire slide presentation can be played by just holding a small S Pen in hand.

Samsung galaxy note 10 specification

The performance
Eight cores (2.73 GHz, dual core + 2.4 GHz, dual core + 1.9 GHz, quad core)
Samsung xnos 9 octa
6.3 in (16 cm)
1080x2280 px, 400 PPI
The camera
12 MP + 12 MP + 16 MP Triple Primary Cameras
Led flash
10 MP Front Camera
The battery
3500 mAh
Fast charging
USB Type-C Port




Hello Friends welcome to tech world today we going to discuss about the blogging. When we start writing posts to our blog. We do not get any traffic it's take to much time in Google. But now a day's seo of your site is very important. Make sure your website has following things like meta tags, descriptions, meta descriptions, sitemap in search console of Google. If you have all the things but you are not getting traffic to your site so don't worry here is the solution for you I am going to share you a method which will help you to grow your site so let's go.


1 Share on pinterest.

Pintrest is a very big source of traffic for your site they have they have millions of visitors per day. So think if you share your post link in Pintrest you can get too many traffic to your website. also find the broken link of Pintrest and convert it to your site url you will get most of the benefits by this tip.

2.   submit your site to others sites.

friends there are to many compatiton on blogging without linking your site to other sites you cant grow early. But also finding a good Web site with high da pa is also a hard work if have find it so they will take charge and if you are a beginner so you can't pay. But I am giving you a site which have have da of 49 and pa of 66 which is the best and its 100% free.

3.  Youtube

Every one knows that youtube has a large number of users from around the world. If you have a YouTube channel you can give your site url in the description. if you don't have a YouTube channel so don't worry subscribe the channels according to your site nich and solving the issue of people's share your article. It is important to write  attractive words before sharing link. So these things will increase your rank in Google.


In the same way of youtube Facebook is also a good source for for your site you can try to write some attractive posts. And join 10 to 15 Facebook groups when you share your link make sure that you have added some attractive text. If you haven't then no one gonna click. Create some quistionable thumbnails. If you have done it you will see the result in your site analytics.


when I think about whatsapp then always i see a huge traffic is going to come. But how so here is the best trick for you. First of all you should use the whatsapp gb for this trick. And then join 20 - 30 large members of groups. Then set up a automatic reply with your site url and write something very attractive. Write in both languages hindi and English and then save it to your auto reply. Then when someone chat with anyone your url with your message will be automatically replied. Also share the article link annually in all groups so that you can get many traffic to your website.


So friends I think doing these things you will absolutely get the result and now you will be able to get 2000 to 3000 traffic per day. If you like this article so please share it with your friends and family thanks for reading. 



Top 5 alternative of Google adsense 

Hello Friends welcome to tech world today we will try to solve the problem of beginners in blogging because they do work on their blog. 

For why for intacting or ingaging people all over the world also they want to earn money through the blog and they try Google adsense. They apply for adsense. But in today's time adsense policies are too strict a beginner can not get adsense approval too quickly. 

But they try again and again but they failed to approve there website for adsense. And then many of the beginners left to do blogging. Because they also need money for keep website up and running so not getting approval from adsense. 

They left blogging because of demotivation.
that's why today in this post I will show you how you can earn a sufficient amount of money from your blog.

Ways to earn from your blog without adsense.

use alternatives yes guys many of the sites which is not getting adsense approvel but you can use the other ad network like


INFOLINKS will give you instant approval for your website they have many ads options like in article ads, in feed ads, pop up ads etc,

Minimum payout - 20$

Payout option - PayPal, payza, bank transfer, 

#2. Propeller ads.

in the same way propeller ads also give you instant approval also they have many ads options they have a guarantee to give 3 to 4 $ per 1000 page views.

Minimum payout - 50$
payout option. -   PayPal

#3. Is a trusted adnetwork as Google adsense, it is the product of yahoo and Bing. To enter in media. Net publisher program signup with your email address, mobile no and your website url they will run a check on your website they will send you a mail under 2 business days. They have a great ad set up they will analyse your website and according to your content they will show ads on your website so you can earn more money.

Minimum payout - 100$
Payout option--  PayPal, bank transfer

#4. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is an ad network which allows there publishers to instantly show ads on there website without any checking. They approve you upon sign up they have multiple ads options to make you most benefits.

Minimum payout - 10$

Payout option - PayPal, 
wiretransfer,bank transfer,

#5.  Chitika

Chitika is a adnetwork which is running there services from approx 10 - years ago
And they have payed too many publishers
They work on rpm basis which is good for the publishers, they have too many ads options. At all it is a good adnetwork for you to monetize your blog

Payout option - PayPal and bank only.