The question of most bloggers is that you agree to the Google AdSense Account on your blog. 90% of bloggers are not able to get Adsense approval in their first attempt and are worried about buying Adsense account or leaving blogging.

Making money from your blog is the dream of every new blogger and AdSense for it is the best monetization method. But getting approval of AdSense is not easy, especially for new bloggers. The reason for this is that we do not have complete knowledge about Adsense policy, due to which our application is rejected.
When I started blogging, I did not receive the approval of AdSense in the first 4 attempts. But with the experience, this work went easy too for me.
Today I am going to tell you about Adsense account approval tricks in 2019 by following which you can also approve an Adsense account on your blog like me.if you will follow these guidelines of Google adsense then you will never gona search for HOW TO GET GOOGLE ADSENSE APPROVAL. 


1. Google Adsense Privacy Policy

When you apply for google adsense, read their Privacy Policy well. If there is something on your blog that is against the google adsense privacy policy, then correct it first. Only then apply for google adsense

2. Don't copy from other sites. 

If you will copy images or text from other sites and upload it to your site you will not get adsense approval . If you have not been able to get your AdSense account approved. The Google search engine also allows you to view and edit your site. Or if you have copied some one sites content then you can edit that content Google webmaster allows you to edit your post ,

3. Sufficient content 

If you want to approve your Google adsense account in very less attempt then you should post at least 20 posts on your website and the article must be over 5 hundred words of worth. 

4. Do not display any ads. 

The AdSense account has been approved for approval by the ads code. Please check your site for a location . If you have any other ads on your blog,
Because adsense does not even offer any other site's ads. Like - chitika, bidvertiser, yahoo etc.

5. Submit a Blog / Website Sitemap

Once all the above procedures have been done, you will have to submit a Sitemap of your Blog / Website to Google Webmaster Tools, from which Google has a known blog / website of this name and has some information. In this way, your blog / website and its articles will appear in Google Search Result, as you see the other's website.

6. Coustamize your blog

You have to customize your blog / website well after installing the theme. Which means that Reader does not have any problem, it means that you must have Blog / Website's Menu Navigation, according to your post. If Reader chooses a menu, then there should be related posts from that menu. To do this, when you write an article, label / tagging it accordingly, so that you can easily customize the theme. And choose theme which is ready for adsense approval

7. Theme for your site

You will get free themes from Blogger, which you can set up on your blog. If you do not like these templates then you will find lots of options for downloading Free Themes by searching Google. You can visit those websites by downloading the themes of your favorite on your blog, which gives a nice appearance to your blog.
You need to keep in mind that the theme you are installing will be Responsive and Mobile Friendly. But I would suggest that you buy a premium theme and put it on your blog, because Free Themes has some encrypted code for the company. Due to these codes, you can not delete their footer can download themes by searching best theme for Google adsense approval 

8. Top level domain

When you first create an account in Blogger, you get a sub-domain from Blogger like and this is a Blogger Hosted Account. If you have to take an Approval of Adsense, then you have to wait up to 6 months. If you do not want to wait, you will have to buy Top Leval Domain, such as This is called a Non-Hosted Account. Linking this domain to Blogger can easily aply for Adsense approval.

9. Create  Important pages 

After creating the blog, it must be important to have some important pages such as

  • About us, 
  • Contact us,
  •  Disclaimer
  •  Privacy Policy
  • Termsand conditions 

  These pages show that you are a professional and you are working according to Google's policies.
Online You will find many such websites where you can create all these pages for blog. Many times the blog gets Adsense approval without all these pages. But it depends on your luck. 

10. How much traffic

Adsense has also stated on its policy page that to get adsense account approval, your blog should have Ragular Traffic. That means every day a user should come to your blog. But this does not mean that there are 1000 visitors every day.
If you are visiting 20-50 users every day on your blog then you can apply for adsense approval ... for this you can share your blog on social media
Do not allo adsense account to be approved. 

11. Do not use any copyrighted image on the blog.

Do not use pornography image and video on blogs.
Do not hide any link in the header, footer and content of the blog.
Do not use Nulled and cracked theme. Good by this you can use the free theme.

12. Do not publish content copied from any other blog.

Do not use any bad java script code on the blog.
Do not use the Affiliate link in the blog before applying. But later you can use it

13. Do not write Illegal Content

If your blog or website is related to adult content, gambling, hacking, casino or drug abuse content, then forget about Adsense. Google does not like all this content. If your blog has some of these most related content, you can remove them and apply them.

13. User Friendly Design. 

Your blog should be user-friendly This means that it is necessary to be mobile-friendly and should have navigation along with it, through which any visitor can easily read your blog and which page can be used. Do not put images in spaces, images. This makes a difference in your design and along with the loading speed of your site increases, which is not right for you.

14. Do not insert more image

If you apply your blog to Adsense by filling in images, your application will be rejected. Why Google can not read an image. Google can just read the text. It is important to have as many text as possible in your blog. If you are using image, then it is a good thing but do not forget to put an ALT tag in the entire image. You know the text that you type in the ALT tag, Google can read it, and it considers your image as text.

15. Remove Extra LINK. 

People who use the free Theam or Template, you get some extra link which can negatively affect your blog, so you should apply for adsense only after removing these additional links.

16.  Blog favicon & logo

Favicon and logo are the identities of any blog that makes your blog professional and as we told you the adsense account approved on the Google Professional Blog quickly, so make good fevicon and logo for your blog.

17. Social Media account.

To get traffic for your blog and to increase its value in Google's eye, create an account on Social Media Plateform such as facebook page, facebook gruop, twitter, Youtube etc. and also use the Social Share button on your blog.

18. Supported language with adsense. 

Adsense does not support all languages. In India, you can create blogs in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Urdu and approve it through Adsense. But if you create a blog in any other Indian languages ​​(Telugu, Marathi, Kannad, Gujarati etc) then you will not get Adsense approval. 


Now apply your blog to Adsense. If you have made a blog by following all these Google Adsense approval tips in 2019 , then I guarantee you 100% your blog will be approved.
If your Adsense is not being approved, then you may have understood how to get approved Google AdSense Account and earn money from it. Here I have shared my personal experience. Hope you found this post helpful.

If you still have any questions then you can ask me in the comment below.


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