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HOW BIG THE CRICKET IS || HISTORY OF CRICKET          Hello Friends welcome to techno logic world today In this post I am going to discuss about cricket so stay connected guys lets get started

Hello Friends welcome to techno logic world today In this post I am going to discuss about cricket so stay connected guys lets get started 


sounds when a crowd of 50,000 people

starts cheering for you not every sport

can draw crowds like this but cricket is

one of those sports which does it is

often considered as the second most

popular sport in the world with anywhere

from 2 to 3 billion fans there is a lot

of people that is as much as the

populations of India and China combined

there is so many people that if you make

a human ladder by placing one person

over the other you'll reach 48 lakh

kilometers into space from the surface

of the earth that is 12.5 times the

distance between the Earth and the moon

for the reason Cricket World Cup that

ended in july 2019 there were three

million applicants for six lakh 50,000

match tickets so the chance of you being

able to buy a match ticket in the World

Cup is approximately twenty two point

five percent this means your chance of

getting picked for a h-1b visa in the

United States which was approximately

50% in 2019 is higher than getting a

World Cup ticket resale ticket prices

for the World Cup final match went up as

high as 21 thousand US dollars which is

approximately 15 lakh Indian rupees with

that kind of money you can buy a great

car do your MBA at I am Lucknow buy a

piece of land or even an apartment in a


smaller Indian City the International

Cricket Council which is popularly known

as the ICC has one or five registered

nations as official members playing the

game the United States of America was

recently added as the vinod first member

to this list in 2019 cricket's history

can be dated back to the late 16th

century when it originated in England

but the popularity of cricket has grown

many folds in recent times it has

especially become extremely popular in

the Indian subcontinent specifically

after India won the 1983 World Cup

during the cricket Champions Trophy 2017

ICC reported having 5.2 billion global

viewing asked for the tournament's

matches that is a whooping 600,000 years

of cricket watching 2.1 billion global

viewing earth out of the 5.2 came from

the indian audience for the final match

of the Champions Trophy between India

and Pakistan 500 million worldwide

audience tuned into their TVs for the

recent India vs. Pakistan match in the

Cricket World Cup On June 16 2019 100


million users tuned into hot star which

is an online streaming service having

billions of fans overall in the world

and millions of viewers cricket also

generates billions of dollars in

multiple revenue streams every year ICC

generated 440 million u.s. dollars and

just by selling the broadcasting rights

of the Cricket World Cup 2019 every year

ICC shares a revenue of close to 2

billion dollars with its members BCCI

the Board of Control for Cricket in

India which is unarguably the richest

cricket board in the world generated an

operating income of 1.8 billion dollars

in 2018 that is 7.5 percent of the GDP

of Nepal and almost equal to the GDP of

Putin the brand value of the Indian

Premier League popularly known as the

IPL which is just over a decade old is

about 7 billion u.s. dollars despite

being a relatively new league it has

surpassed some of the very

well-established leagues in the world

in terms of revenue in 2018 IPL

generated 1.5 billion u.s. dollars from

sponsorship revenues whereas Major

League Baseball popularly known as MLB

which was founded in nineteen not three

generated only 938 million u.s. dollars


when it comes to players earning


each cricket player is different

although not all cricket players end up

making a lot of money some of the

current day cricket players do make a


players like we're at Kohli have a brand

value of 170 million dollars and take

home over 25 million dollars in earnings

from endorsements and salary every year

so that was all about cricket billions

of fans millions of viewers billions of

dollars in revenue every year and a very

fast growing sport but also most

importantly it is a sport that brings

fans across the world together if you



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