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    what's happening guys my name is Rizwan khan welcome back to a brand new article in this tutorial I'm gonna show you guyse xactly how to monetize your YouTube
    videos in 2020 so now that 2020 is here

    you obviously want to monetize your
    YouTube videos and make a living off of
    it or just earn a little bit more of
    money just as a hobby I'm gonna guide
    you guys to three steps you can just
    complete and become a YouTube partners
    would say let's move on to step number
    one in order to monetize your videos you
    have to become a YouTube partner it's
    not really that complicated but you have
    to do a little bit of work to it so I
    would say let's go over to computer I'm
    gonna show you guys exactly how it works
    step by step I'll show you guys exactly how it works
    alright everyone so right
    now we are on youtube.com forward slash
    features and when you will land on this
    page you will probably see this
    monetization tab and it will say not
    enable - the first step is just go ahead
    and click on enable and then right here
    it says account status monetization not
    enabled you can apply for monetization
    at any time all channels need at least
    4000 watch hours in the previous 12
    months and a thousand subscribers this
    requirement allows us to properly
    evaluate new channels and helps protect
    the creator community so the first thing
    you want to do is you want to accept the
    YouTube Partner Program terms and then. 


    you want to figure out how many watch
    time hours you had in the past 12 months
    so in order to do that is you want to go
    to the analytics tab right here it says
    watch time in minutes and views and
    everything like that and obviously
    everything is on 0 because I haven't
    been uploading on this secondary channel
    that I'm just using as an example so in
    order to find out how many hours you
    have you want to click on compare metric
    and you want to click on more metrics
    and then right here under the watch time
    menu you want to hit watch time hours
    the next thing you want to do it once
    you click on the period button you want
    to pick custom range and you want to
    pick the last 365 days - the last 12
    months so obviously I haven't been
    uploading on this channel so it has only
    why I have one hour of watch time but
    you need 4000 in order to get accepted
    so if you did all these steps and you
    see your watch time hours right here if
    that's below 4,000 unfortunately you're
    not eligible yet but just keep out
    cranking content
    those longer videos get those 4,000 HOURS


    once you have those 4,000
    hours what you want to do then is next
    is sign up for an adsense account now
    for everybody that don't know what an
    adsense account is that is basically
    where your earnings will go where you
    can track your earnings so if you click
    on start right here it says you will be
    redirected to adsense to link your
    existing adsense account or create a new
    one if you do not have one yes and then
    you want to basically set up your
    adsense account and also set your
    monetization preferences I'm not gonna
    do that for this channel because I know
    this channel will not be accepted
    there's no point of doing that and then
    right here it says the last step is
    getting reviewed after reaching 4,000
    watched hours in the previous 12 months
    and a thousand subscribers if you have
    these requirements you can actually
    apply for monetization and you should
    receive an email very very soon and if
    you're wondering RIZWAN how long is it
    gonna take until I receive my answer at
    the bottom will email you a decision
    usually within a month or so they're
    gonna take the time they're gonna review
    your channel because you keep it you
    have to keep in mind even though if you
    have thousand subscribers if you have
    4,000 hours of watch time if your
    content is not you know suitable for
    advertisers they can still reject you as
    YouTube Partner because you MAY have
    these criteria but if YouTube says like
    okay advertisers don't want to spend
    their ads on your content they can still
    reject you or anything like that so now
    you can move on to the next step
    right so now that your application is in
    review and two or three weeks later
    you're just hearing okay congratulations
    welcome to the team right now you're a
    YouTube partner now it is time to enable
    the ads the advertisement that are
    playing for your video during the video
    after the video you have to enable these
    on your videos so let me show you real
    quick how to enable ads on your videos
    okay guys so now that you're accepted
    how do you enable the advertisements on
    your video so you can start earning
    revenue well it's really simple let's
    say that you have made in the past month
    30 videos and in your entire career you
    have made 500 videos there's no way you
    can enable ads on every single video
    separately that's gonna take you days
    and days to apply these so you want to
    just do that in bulk so you don't want
    to pay attention to those green icons
    since I'm already a YouTube partner but
    if you're just starting out and you want
    to apply these ads what you can do is
    you can just check this box that will
    select all the videos on this page but
    you can also just go ahead and select
    all your videos on your entire channel
    and then what you want to do is you want
    to hit actions and then you want to hit
    monetize and then right here you can
    select all the ads you want to have on
    your videos you can see the overlay ads
    you know at the bottom you can have
    these sponsored cards and skippable
    video ads so these are the ads that will
    appear on your videos and then you just
    want to hit monetize and then YouTube is
    gonna apply that to all of your videos
    and if you have videos longer than ten
    minutes you can also just go ahead and
    hit add actions and breaks and then you
    can just add mid rules to videos
    existing videos everything like that
    during a little bit more revenue by
    inserting more advertisements into one
    video but that is only possible if your
    video is ten minutes or longer
    all right so now the ads are on your
    videos it is basically time to wait
    until you have generated enough revenue


    in order to get paid now I want to
    mention that YouTube has a threshold of
    $100 but if you want to receive your
    first paycheck from YouTube you have to
    have from the first day of the month
    until the 30th or the 31st you need to
    have earned $100 in order to receive
    your paycheck now I can already hear you
    guys in the comments Alex how many views
    do I need for $100 well I can say
    released to be safe is between 75
    thousand and a hundred and twenty five
    thousand views between that window you
    should be able to generate $100
    depending on your CPM depending on how
    many minerals you have in your video for
    example if one video is gonna generate
    three times as much how long people
    watch your videos but it's really really
    important to just have at least 75,000
    to 125,000 views in just one single
    month in order to reach that hundred
    dollar threshold and then YouTube will
    notify you and tell you that there is
    money on its way now how do you can get
    paid well there are many different
    options such as bank transfer PayPal but
    you can all configure that in your
    adsense account but you can just real
    simple set your payment settings all up
    in your adsense account so before I'm
    gonna end off the video I want to
    mention something really really
    important that you will always receive
    the money,


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