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New iPhone launching soon here's some basic features


Iphone LAUNCHING review
IPhone review 2020 

My name is Rizwan and you're welcome to techno logic world and you are reading iphone Hipster.

I guess I used to be a Hipster but now I’m
like just a little bit.

We’re going to go over design, camera, main
internals, other hardware, release, storage,

options…everything you could possibly imagine.

Starting with design.

We’re going to get an iPhone-8-like design.

No major redesign.

Nothing too exciting.

It’s going to have a 4.7” LCD display
with a 326PPI and 625 nits of brightness.

There have been no reports on colors.

We’re going to get space gray, silver is

And then possibly a product red or gold.

There have been no reports, just pure speculation.

Camera features 

We’re going to be getting a single-lens

The same main lens you see on the iPhone 11.


Probably 4K @ 60FPS.

7MP front camera.

The back is going to have portrait mode.

Brighter flash and possibly a new design.

Main internals.

We’re going to get the A13 bionic processor. That’s great to hear.

It Was really thinking we’d end up with the
A12 but now we’re getting the same processor

that’s in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro?

That’s pretty great.

We’re going to get 4GB of ram.


Moving on to other.

We’re getting Touch ID.

Not much to say there.

IP67 water resistance.

That’s fairly good.

Also haptic touch.

Moving on to storage and pricing.

Looks like we’re going to get a $449 base
model with 64GB.

Then you can double the storage for an additional
$50 to $499.

Releasing date ?

There’s going to be no announcement.

It’s going to go under the radar just like
all of their products that aren’t very exciting

like the latest iPad mini, iPod touch, AirPods
pro, and the 16” MacBook Pro.

Production is in February.

A release in March.

No specific dates have been leaked or anything
like that but hopefully as we get closer to

the date we will get an exact release.

Well I’m realizing my videos are fairly

Uh, I kinda like it short and sweet.

Getting right to the point unlike a lot of
other tech videos.

But if you want me to go a little bit more
in depth and reasoning in the future, let

me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading guys, hopefully I’ll
see you guys in the next post.


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