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What is Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is a  (virtual) digital currency, created by Satoshi nakamoto "to '', who worked on the project alone and launched the code for the public in 2009. It disappeared shortly after the creation of the virtual currency, and what remained After him is this notorious quote:

Satoshi Nakamoto, January 17, 2009
Bitcoin is traded in a one-to-one network, with all transactions recorded in a public record called a block chain. If you send 1 bitcoin from your bitcoin address (or wallet) to your friend , the bitcoin network records the transaction in the public record, which means you don't have bitcoin possession. The currency has moved from your Bitcoin wallet to your friends wallet.

The history of bitcoin

In November 2008, an article entitled "Bitcoin: One-for-One Electronic Cash System" was published to an encrypted mailing list called Satoshi Nakamoto. This article was about ways to use a one-for-one network for a system of electronic transactions without relying on trust. In January 2009, the Bitcoin network came into being with the release of the first open source Bitcoin client and the release of the first Bitcoin, and Satoshi Nakamoto, the first to extract Bitcoin at all.


Every country in the world has its own name and value of currency. Wherever you go, you will get the name of the currency of that country, like the currency of India is INR and America's dollar. Similarly, there is a currency in the Internet which is virtual, which nowadays everyone wants to know, whose name is Bitcoin.

You must have heard about Bitcoin, Bitcoin is much more popular in today's time, it is an open payment network where you can make international payments i.e. money transactions, in addition to this there are many more benefits, so let's now Know what is Bitcoin, what are its benefits, how it works etc.

Now you may be thinking that we can neither touch it nor see if it will always happen, here I would like to tell you that there is nothing like this, it is named a virtual currency, later you can call it You can make currency of your country by sending

How much does 1 bitcoin cost?

Now you know what bitcoin is, but do you know what the price of 1 bitcoin is, you will be surprised to know that the price of 1Bitcoin in India is around Rs  8,41,596.78 but remember that the price of bitcoin keeps increasing.

Where we can use Bitcoin?

You can use bitcoin to do online shopping (international).You can use bitcoin to send money to anyone in the world or use it to retrieve.You can use bitcoin to make payments You can also use bitcoin to earn money. You can also buy and sell bitcoin.

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